new venture creation

QUALIFICATION : new venture creation/ business skills


49648 National Certificate: New Venture Creation II Level 2 138
66249 National Certificate: New Venture Creation IV Level 4 149

Brief information about the courses information

    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Production Management
    • Financial Management
    • Tendering Skills
    • Time Management
    • Contract Service Providers (SMME)
    • Writing Skills
    • Write for a wide range of contexts
    • Entrepreneurship Skills
    • Mobilize resources for a new venture
    • Plan Strategically to improve business performance
    • Manage service providers
    • Interpret and use information from texts
    • Function in a Team
    • Motivate a team
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Develop, implement and monitor quality policy for a new venture
    • International issues.
    • Business Ethics

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